November 25th, 2014

According to Linked in, today marks four years of working at HBC Design Group.  I am so thankful for this job and the opportunity to work with my boss.  It makes a huge difference when you work for someone who is kind, generous and always has your back.  Holly always gives credit where credit is due and allows her employees to really shine (which is REALLY rare in the design business).  Thanks for being such a great boss.  You have made me a better person.

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*The above photo is from an install two years ago where we accidentially wore the same shirt. Why we are both wearing huge sunglasses in the middle of Marshall’s…I have no idea

On My Mind: Marrakesh

November 24th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite aspects of adulthood is the ability to travel.  Several of my friends and colleagues have been to Morocco lately, and after discovering the Dixneuf La Ksour, I think I’ve found my accommodations.

marrakecsh 2

marrakesh 3

marrakesh 4

marrakesh 7

marrakesh 8

marrakesh 9

Dreamy, right? Let’s all go to Morroco.

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Busy Bee

November 21st, 2014

I am so behind on life.  Behind on blogging, commenting, etc.  Things have been crazy.  I installed one of my projects this week and it went very smooth. How amazing is my focal tile shown above? Thankful to have another one down. Only three more to go until the holidays. I had two guest posts this week.  Did you catch Divine Details on The Zhush and my Holiday Wishlist on The Peak of Tres Chic? Give them a visit if you haven’t already. I scheduled another appearance on Denver’s Good Day Colorado.  I’ll be demonstrating how to accessorize and style your coffee table on December 11th.  I have one more little gig in the works that should be final soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful week! Enjoy your Friday!

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Dear Target,

It’s no mystery by now. My love for you knows no bounds.  We have always been close, but ever since you added Nate Berkus to our relationship, I can’t stay away.  I have more trays than I have surfaces, shoes than I could possibly wear, and extra pounds from all the lattes I chug while roaming your aisles.  I set reminders on my phone for your collaboration releases.  It’s serious.  Really serious.  But one thing that is damaging our relationship is your bathrooms.  I don’t know what happens, but crossing that hallway into the tiled bathroom is like entering a third world country.  Every surface is wet.  EVERY surface.  Maybe because your strong residential style faucets from 1993 spray all over the floor and me the minute you touch the knob.  There are paper towels covering the floor, and yet a chart on the door with employees initials proving that at some point in the hour, this restroom was “cleaned.” You top off your experience by adding hand dryers that could rival the sound level of a jet engine. I don’t know what to say, but I will nearly risk an embarrassing moment to avoid using your bathrooms.  Maybe Nate could renovate them? Just a thought.


Katy Byrne

(and the rest of America)

Entry Console

November 18th, 2014

Shop the post: Console, Horse Artwork, Red Lamp, Gold Candle, Small Frame, Orchid

Have I shared this on DBK? I styled this beautiful console for Simply Elegant back in May and I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared it here.  Considering I’m currently traveling (and slammed), I decided to post today.  The major point to take away is that the best way to style is to layer. I love mixing smaller art with books, flowers and fine pieces.  What’s your favorite way to style?

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DBK: Mad for Plaid

November 17th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with all the plaid currently on trend.  I cannot stop buying these shirts from Old Navy. Plaid also looks beautiful as an interior accent.

mad for plaid 2

mad for plaid 3

mad for plaid 4

mad for plaid 6

mad for plaid 5

I love that table cloth.  I’m thinking adding some buffalo check to my usual butcher paper number could be a really cute Christmas setting.  What about you? Are you mad for plaid?

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Friday Style + Sales

November 14th, 2014

Shop the Console style: faux fur stool, basket, lamp (similar)

Hello Friday! I don’t know if you’ve heard about our weather here, but it’s been in the single digit highs for a majority of the week.  Temperatures that low make it hard to move.  This week I’ve crawled into bed to watch Scandal every night.  It’s too cold to do much else! Thankfully it’s the end of the week and there’s a slew of good sales to celebrate:

JCREW: 25% off with code SHOPNOW

Madewell: Extra 25% off all sale with code FALLBACK

Banana Republic: Extra 40% off with code BRSAVE

Kate Spade: 25% off with code BEMERRY

Old Navy: 25% off with code SAVEMORE

Gap: 30% off with code HAPPY

Bloomingdales: 20% off with code HOLIDAY

I snatched this vest up in hopes it would be here in time for our weekend in the mountains.  Here’s hoping it delivers today.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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DBK’s Holiday Wishlist

November 13th, 2014

Shop the post: Necklace, Bag, Book, Bootie, Scarf, Jacket, Anthro Gift Card, Stapler, Blouse

I know you’re about to be flooded with loads of gift guides, but I had to share what’s on my wishlist this year.  Last year I hardly knew what to ask for, but this year is not the case.  How amazing is that bag? Not to mention, it can be monogrammed. I know Christmas is not about gifts, but when giving is your love language, it’s hard not to get excited. What’s on the top of your list this year?

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I know many people think house shopping is intimidating or a pain.  Personally, I love it and have certainly had the itch.  If you’re currently looking for a home, here are some things to consider:


This can be tough if you’re not trained, but don’t worry about finishes.  That can all be changed.  One thing that cannot (easily) be changed is the layout.  Make a list of your must have’s and keep that at the forefront of your mind when shopping.  For us, we really wanted an open kitchen/living area.  The house we finally chose had an elevated kitchen that overlooked the family room.  This is perfect for us to have dinner and watch our favorite shows without ruining the sectional.  Also, if one of us wants to hang at the table and read the mail (i.e. me) while the other lays on the couch, we can still talk.  Pay attention to flow and space division.


This one is tough but rings true.  Don’t look outside your price range (unless you want to torture yourself).  Stay within budget and you won’t have too high expectations.


When making your budget, factor in an amount for remodeling and take an expert with you.  Find a reputable contractor that can give you realistic estimates once you have your choices narrowed down. Things that should be on your required remodel list are popcorn ceilings, shiny brass fixtures and carpeted bathrooms.


Along with layout, location is key (and also unchangeable). Make sure you are in an area of growth (or potential growth).  Investigate the schools in the area.  Whether or not you have kids, this could highly play into resale.

Are you a homeowner? What were your biggest considerations when making a purchase?

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