House & Life Update

July 22nd, 2016

Hello and happy Friday! We closed on our house yesterday and released the subs.  We are repainting the entire house, adding lighting and tile.  Hopefully by the end of next week, I will have an install shot! For now, here’s some note worthy links for your Friday:

These shoes in gold are freaking awesome.  Buy them.

While the news and current politics are terrifying, I’m just going to zone out and stare at these precious photos

This is hysterical

My favorite pair of jeans

Anderson Cooper’s stunning vacation home in Brazil

These blankets are heavenly

Why was Ivanka’s hair blowing?

Hands down my favorite shampoo

Did you catch Matt Lauer’s vacation home?

Happy weekend!

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Sale Items Not To Miss

July 18th, 2016

Shop: Dress, Bag, Earrings, Wallet, Make-up, Heels

With the move coming up and sales abounding, I may have been doing a little retail therapy to deal with the stress.  From the Nordstrom’s sale to Bauble Bar’s latest spring discounts, there’s much to be had.  Do yourself a favor and check these out.  That dress is already a staple in my wardrobe.

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In case you missed it, Matt Lauer listed his Sag Harbor Hamptons getaway this week for a cool 18 million.  He built the 8,000 square foot home with his wife in 2001, and the 25 acre property has quite the amenity list (like a 70 foot long heated pool). Take a look:

ml hamptons 1







matt-lauer-sells-2Katy Signature-01

Imagery found here

Greenwood Village Home

July 6th, 2016

We survived our move yesterday (barely!) and are tucked into my generous parent’s home for the next three weeks while they finish ours. Today I’m sharing a listing down the street from their house.  The pictures of the interior are insane! Take a peak:

house 4

house 5

house 9

house 8

house 7

house 6

house 10

house 11

house 12

house 14

house 13

house 15

house 16

house 1

You can check out the full listing here.  Happy Wednesday!

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Blank Space

June 29th, 2016

Hello! It’s been quiet around here, and I have to say: my brain is blank.  We are in the throws of packing (we closed on our current house today! WOOHOO!) and we’re moving next week. So… the creative juices are lacking.  For now, I’m sharing some note worthy links and just confirming I’m alive.

I’m sorry… how cute is this $15 top?

Did you catch my patio detail post on The Zhush?

This eye lid make up primer has changed my life

I snagged this console for the living room and I’m so excited about it

Have you checked out Jana’s lamps? I’m obsessed

Such an interesting podcast this week

I’m still dying for one of these

A tutorial on how to style your coffee table

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Header image via Patrick Mele

Dining Chair Debate

June 23rd, 2016

The move is rapidly approaching and I still have a few things to decide on.  One remaining furniture item is the dining chairs.  Our current ones were a cheap find and have a terribly soft seat (as in, when you sit down, you feel like you’re at the kids table because they go so low). I’m debating on the six below and would love your opinions! Which one is your favorite?? Leave me a comment.

DBK Dining Chair Debate

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Cheap Thrills

June 22nd, 2016

Shop: dress, bag, earrings, cuff, tote, sandals, sunnies

Happy Wednesday! Good grief this week is crawling, so why not share some cheap thrills?! Everything above is on major mark down.  Those cute Dolce Vita sandals are only $15! Happy shopping my friends!

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This weekend, in between cleaning and furiously packing boxes for our upcoming move, I took a break and watched the preview to the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. The Housewife series has always been my guilty pleasure, and lately I have been taken with Vicki’s home.  San Diego designer Leanne Michael did some updates for her a few years ago (I posted on her fabulous dining room renovation here) and she has done it again.  Her newly designed kitchen completely took over my focus.  From the custom island to the ridiculous marble counter-tops, I am obsessed with every detail.  Here is a before shot just to give you the full picture:

Vicki before

And the AFTER:

Vicki 2

vicki 3

vicki 4

vicki 5

First thing I did this morning was send Leanne a congratulatory email on a job well done.  You can see more of her stunning work here.

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All imagery via Leanne Michael Luxe Lifestyle

Kara Mann for Baker

June 15th, 2016

I’m currently coveting all things Kara Mann for Baker furniture.  Her new line, Milling Road is a very glamorous blend of unique materials.  The best part (in my opinion) is the exquisite leather wrapping.  Kara has a background in art and fashion, which translates beautifully to the furniture line and is best described as “edgy sophistication.”

kara 3

kara mann 2

Every piece is dreamy from the leather wrapped bed to the rattan side chair.  These are my favorites, but you can view the complete line here.

Kara for Baker

Kara is a renowned designer that began her practice in Chicago in 2005.  She now resides in Manhattan and has a stunning portfolio you can view here.

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Imagery via Baker & Kara Mann