Have I mentioned my fabulous friend that is currently studying to get her PHD at Columbia? She’s the reason I get frequent trips to NYC, and sadly, her schooling is coming to a close.  Such a fact (and three months with no day off) has me plotting my next visit and day dreaming of owning our own little piece of heaven in the East Village.  I have always been a fan of loft living in the city and New York provides the perfect back drop.  How amazing are these units?

east village 2

 east village 3

east village 4

east village 5

east village 6

Lauren, why don’t you do us a favor and slack off a little? I know one person that’s going to be really depressed (I mean happy for you) come graduation.

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Learning Curve

March 27th, 2015

Holy smokes, this week has not been my favorite.  Work has been stressful and I got an angry comment about a mis-credit on a photo this week from a pretty major source (noted correctly on my blog but missed on Instagram). I am doing way too many things, but in about four weeks, my to-do list will shrink considerably. Thankfully it’s Friday and we have no major commitments.

Blogging (and all the social media attachments that come along with it) is no joke.  I always try to properly credit other people’s work.  As an interior designer (who is probably WAY too proud of her work), I never want to steal someone’s thunder.  Please feel free to email me if you note an error.  I always want to support my peers.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Project Beach: Accessories

March 25th, 2015

My beach house project will be installing in the next few months and I cannot wait! It is going to be stunning to say the least.  Thankfully, my favorite retailers are rolling out their summer series just in time for us to buy accessories.  There’s so many good things, it’s going to take me awhile to choose! Here’s a few things I love.  How perfect is that reserved towel?


Shop the post: Beach sign, Anchor coat hook, Octopus Pillow, Gray Malin print, book 1, book 2, whale, baskets, reserved beach towel, door stop, squid pillow

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Kimye’s New Home

March 23rd, 2015

If you haven’t heard, Kim and Kanye decided to bow out of their three year renovation of the home they purchased in Bel Air, citing it was too difficult to keep up with the latest technology and appliances.  Oy vey.  They did, however, go into escrow on a $20 million dollar estate in the Hidden Hills last week.  I will say, this home is much more beautiful and move in ready than the Bel Air property they were working on. With the access they have had to top designers like Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Jeff Andrews, I’m curious to see who they’ll work with on updates.

kimye 2

kimye 3

kimye 4

kimye 5

kimye 6

kimye 7

kimye 8

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start.

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Pretty Room Friday

March 20th, 2015

Hello and happy Friday! Another weekend I’m happy to see.  We’re supposed to have great weather this weekend, and I’m looking forward to finishing a few touches on the patio (aka pulling weeds).

Did you see Kimye is selling their Bel Air mansion they’ve been renovating? The stated reason is nauseating.

Gray Malin collaborated with Sperry’s.  I have to have these

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Check out my new favorite Etsy vendor

Did you catch the Tory Burch private sale yesterday? I snatched a purse

This news story is so terrifying…

I’m obsessing over this rug from West Elm

Old Navy is killing me with their cute plaid shirts

Did you see what I did to Bitty’s dog door?

I really want this pillow

Did you check my post for the Zhush this month?

My sweet friend & college roommate took her last dose of chemo yesterday! She’s been undergoing treatment for a year for a brain tumor. Cheering you on from Denver, Alicia!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hello and Happy Wednesday! If you follow me on social media, I’ve been hinting that I’m participating in the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge.  HD partnered with a group of bloggers to spruce up their own patios (in their own unique style) just in time for spring! The results will be featured soon on their Apron Blog, but for now I wanted to share my terrifying before shots and inspiration.  We got hit with a terrible hail storm last fall, so luckily we already had a contractor in the works to repair the back deck and repaint our exterior.  Needless to say, it looks REALLY different.  For now, here are our shameful befores:

 Byrne Patio Before

image (4)

image (1)

image (2)

Are you terrified? I’m terrified.  Stay tuned.  If you’re local, we’ll be on GoodDay Colorado next week!

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Jessica Chastain is moving on up in the world, in Manhattan. She purchased a $5.1 million 3200 square foot apartment across the street from famous Carnegie Hall last week. I personally, cannot imagine having this much space in New York City.  Portions of it need quite a bit of work, but what a great apartment.

jessica chastain 1

jessica chastain 4

jessica chastian 5

jessica chastain 6

jessica chastain 3

jessica chastain 7

jessica chastain 8

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Architect and Designer, Michael Graves passed away last week.  Graves was known for his post modern designs and out of the box thinking, which only increased after an infection rendered him paralyzed from the waist down in 2003. A life with special needs further increased his creativity, and he ultimately designed over 2000 products (many which you’ve probably purchased at Target).

Denver Library

Denver Public Library



His beautiful home in Princeton


 some of his most famous product designs


I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at Neocon in 2010 and was so sad to hear of his passing.  He was someone I studied in college and truly admired.  Needless to say, he certainly made an impact upon the world in which we live.

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Hello again lovely DBK readers! I’m Maggie from PolishedClosets.com and I am so happy to be back swapping posts with Katy! Spring is on its way down here in NC, and the warmer temps are (mercifully) creeping up on us. There are many trends popping up for spring and summer, but how do you pick?! Don’t worry, today I am bringing my Top 3 Must-Haves for spring.  This guide will get you through the seasons stylishly, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to wear these pieces well into the fall and winter.

When it comes to trends, I like to keep my initial purchases focused on accessories because you can easily incorporate them into tried-and-true looks that you are comfortable with. First is the mule. Either you have a strong reaction that says “YES!” or another that says “NOOOO!!” I understand, I was formally part of that “HUH?! NO!” group. But I’ve seen the light. Mules are amazing. They are comfy.  You don’t even have to tie/strap/buckle them. Sold.

Next up is flared denim.  I can’t express how much I love the silhouette because of how flattering it is to almost every body type. You can get it high-waisted (my favorite), low-cut, wide-leg, or super flared depending on your personal preference. It is surprising how often I reach for mine.

Finally, there is fringe! So a fringe western jacket isn’t for you. That’s ok, it’s not for me either. But I can totally take fringe on a small scale, like this gorgeous clutch. The soft color makes it less moto or western and a lot more feminine and soft. Adding eye-catching trends like fringe on a small scale allows you to stand out for the right reasons.

Shop the post: mule, denim, clutch

Thanks for stopping by, Maggie! I don’t know about y’all, but I think I’m gonna run by The Gap today and check out some flare denim.  So cute.  Have a great weekend!

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Air Travel…Oh My Word

March 12th, 2015

You could say it’s been a bit of an off week.  Yesterday, I was on the 6:15 am flight to Atlanta for meetings.  I have made cheeky comments before about air travel (like this post) but the whole day proved to be interesting.  I was flying first class (and way too excited about it).  I sat in my seat and quickly found myself next to someone moaning.  Loudly moaning.  It’s sad to say that having the unusual seat neighbor is not out of the norm, so I put in my head phones and started my podcast.  I had big dreams of writing blogs for yesterday and today as soon as breakfast was complete.  Oh no, this was not going to happen.  I got my large tray of food in time for the moaning passenger to announce they had to get up.  I had a bagel in hand and headphones on.  A flight attendant saw my struggle and came to help me move (I always get the aisle seat.  ALWAYS) and asked the moaning person if they were okay, to which they quickly shouted, “NO.”


Well, said person had the stomach flu, and continued to get up and barf the entire flight.  The attendants asked her politely to sit in the back by the restroom (there were over 80 empty seats in the back of the plane) to which she declined… so me, so happy about my cool seat with the free food, ended up in the back of the plane. The flight attendants were angry and came to tell me to get my money back for the seat and even provided their employee numbers (and they did refund me, thanks Delta!).

I tend to have too much self awareness.  Blame it on the red hair, but I have enough calling attention to myself as it is.  I never want to do anything to make my neighboring passenger uncomfortable. Needless to say, I felt terrible the lady was sick and have felt like a ticking time bomb of stomach flu myself the past 24hrs (so far so good). Weird situations like that always remind me to be as kind as possible at all times.  You never know who needs it or who’s watching. Don’t needlessly slam your carry-on bag into someone’s shoulder, bum rush the front of the plane upon landing or yell at a well meaning flight attendant.  We all have busy schedules and somewhere to be.  Kindness can still be part of the process.

So, I apologize for the radio silence.  Between puking and a bad Gogo-inflight signal, it was not in the cards.

Don’t forget to enter my Instagram giveaway! Those coasters are valued at $115. Winner chosen Friday!

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