Is everyone else as addicted to the new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as me? It’s improved my quality of life.  I recently read Andy Cohen’s book where he mentions going to the Fallon’s Hamptons home quite frequently.  Purchased in 2011, this 2.2 acre property was formerly a house farm.  It’s now where Andy and Jimmy eat Dorito’s while their dogs play.

 jimmy fallon 2

jimmy fallon 3

jimmy fallon 4

jimmy fallon 5

jimmy fallon 6

jimmy fallon 7

jimmy fallon 7

jimmy fallon 8

jimmy fallon 10

jimmy fallon 9

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January 27th, 2015

You may think you don’t have a knack for interiors, but you never know until you try.  One thing I love to experiment with is styling. Don’t just set a lamp on your nightstand and call it a day.  Layer books with a clock and top it off with fresh flowers.  Buy yourself some trays and the $5.99 hydrangea bunch at the grocery and get to work.  In my opinion, the more you layer the better!

styling 1


styling 4


styling 6

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A Quick Renovation

January 22nd, 2015

Our church recently decided to spruce up their office spaces.  I think even Jesus let out an amen when this was decided.  The carpet shown above has been there for 40+ years (thus the duct tape) and I kept teasing one of our ministers that they really needed men in hazmat suits to remove it.

They wanted to convert a former cubicle area into a nicer waiting room format for people waiting to meet with ministers, etc.  Enter DBK and a very small budget later:


sofa, chair, lanterns, coffee table, side table, lamp, small vase


chairs, side table, lamp, map

It really looks amazing.  The carpet came compliments from one of our vendors who hooked us up with a close out deal.  Most everything else is from Target and World Market.  I’d say for the insanely low amount of money spent, it looks pretty awesome! One of our former minister’s wives texted me that she would never have realized that was the office, even with a photo.  SUCCESS indeed.

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Beach House Kitchen

January 21st, 2015

As you can probably tell by now, my beach house project for client fav is in full swing.  A few weeks ago I saw this shot on Nancy Marcus’ blog and immediately called the client.  We are doing a white bricked kitchen and the lantern over the sink area is a perfect detail. I quickly sent this Circa lantern over to our lighting contractor.

boston library wall lantern

We have gray lower cabinets with white uppers, white bricked walls and a stunning farm sink.  The perfect recipe for a gorgeous kitchen.


lantern 4

lanterns 1

As I’ve mentioned before, lighting is key.  I’m really excited about adding this detail.

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Recent Designs

January 20th, 2015

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Today I’m sharing one of my recent client designs.  A very edgy and talented fashion blogger asked me to design a nursery concept for her soon to be baby boy.  I loved working on this.  It is very tasteful and sophisticated.  I cannot wait to see her final design.  Grey for the win.

What do you think about more neutral nurseries?

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Moving On Up

January 19th, 2015

Hello and Happy Monday! I apologize for the radio silence.  We moved our office space last week and it was a whirlwind.  I am SO excited about it.  It’s going to be a great fit and an environment that certainly fosters quite a bit of creativity.





My office still has some lagging pieces of furniture.  I am missing my white lacquered cabinets that will go along the back wall, my guest chairs and my Dallas subway sign (thus the butcher paper place holder).  But for now, here’s a little peak.  This is the first time I will have a private office in my career and I am pumped.

Hope your week is off to a great start! My junior designer and I are in Charlotte today installing two model apartments.  Make sure you follow @designsbykaty on Instagram for shots.

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Thoughts on ClassPass

January 13th, 2015

I’m on my second week of ClassPass and I have to say, it’s kind of the jam.  It’s encouraged me to try things out of my comfort zone and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. Here are my recommendations:


They are there for the taking, so why not? In one week I went to cycling, Pure Barre, Xtend Barre, Cycle Yoga and a hot Yoga class.  I may have overdone it for one week considering I threw my back out, but it was worth it. Trying as many as possible will quickly show you what’s best for you, all for $99.


I was very intimidated to go to Pure Barre.  A girl in the lobby figured out it was my first class and said, “Well this is REALLY hard.” If you look like a dork, it’s okay.  No one aces their first class.  As I signed in, the hostess told me to “embrace the shake.” NO JOKE.  My legs were wobbling uncontrollably near the end. I was comforted to note there were many beginners in the room and I quickly tuned everyone out and focused on my own ability.


I know it’s not about looks, but I think a good outfit is certainly inspiring.  Why not look adorable while you try to get in shape? Old Navy has 40% off their workout gear right now for the new year.  I scored these pants and several of these tops.


By the end of the week, I wasn’t as nervous and really enjoyed myself.  I also noticed how much more relaxed I was after getting in a good 60 min workout each day.  If ClassPass is in your city.  Check it out.  It’s a fantastic deal.

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Window Seats

January 12th, 2015

My beach house project is getting really exciting.  We are down to the furniture selection and accessories, and after some very bold lighting choices, I cannot wait to finish my furniture package.  One thing we decided to add in our loft bunk room is a window seat.  Not only are window seats great opportunities for storage, they look beautiful and inviting.

window seat 2

window seat 3

window seat 4

window seat 5

window seat 6

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start.

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New Office

January 9th, 2015

If you follow DBK on Instagram (@designsbykaty), you know our office is moving soon.  Soon as in next week! We are currently downtown and it’s a 45min minimum one way trip for me.  The new space is much closer in and much more designer friendly. I CANNOT WAIT. To give you a little preview, here is the concept for our new entry lobby:

DBK New Office Lobby

And remember that poll I took a few weeks ago about my office color? Well, I didn’t listen to anyone and went with cranberry.  I am not a play it safer when it comes to interiors, and if you’ve heard, Marsala is the Pantone color of the year (and looks strikingly similar!) I love it.  It’s going to look great with the furniture I picked.


Are you scared? I’m obsessed! Next week we move and I start teaching that college class, so it may be a little sparse around here next week.  Stay tuned.  I’ll be back soon!

Happy Friday!

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One of my readers (thank you for reading!) commented on Instagram asking if people could start submitting rooms for posts.  Not a bad idea! I’ll give this a quick go today.  If you’re interested, send me an email at April sent me the following photos:

april 1

april 2

They recently moved and she’s stumped on the master bedroom.  Offhand, I think a few scale items need to be addressed.  I love where she’s going with the lamps and artwork over the nightstands, but both of them need to be considerably bigger.  I would also remove the chair rail and paint the entire room Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  Lastly, I would cover up that awkward window with a large scale piece of artwork. The window faces their backyard (so it’s not visible from the street) and I would not recommend a window treatment.  It will further highlight the awkward shape.

April's Bedroom

Shop the suggestions: bed, nightstand, lamp (similar), rug, art, stool, mirror

Hopefully that helps, April! Happy Wednesday.

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