Decor on a Budget

April 21st, 2015

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I took a reader inquiry recently and nearly everyone mentioned “decor on a budget.” While I have to admit this is not my favorite topic, it makes me sad when people ignore their interiors because they think they can’t afford it.  SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Style doesn’t have to come with a price tag, just good taste and a sense of invention.

If you want to style your home on a budget (and my style I mean accessorize) make friends with Etsy and your local discount chains.  Target has such amazing home decor finds I can hardly contain myself every time I go in.  Focus on great pillows, cute accent furnishings like this amazing ottoman bench for only $59, and layering pieces. For art, you can find amazing prints now thanks to local shops and Etsy.  Whitney J Decor posted this camel print last week and I am obsessing over it.  Completely adorable and perfect for that gallery wall you’re dreaming of for only $20. To top it off, check your local IKEA for great rugs.  This designer inspired striped flat weave has been one of my favorites for years and it’s only $199.

What’s your favorite store to shop for budget decor?

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Mike Meyer’s Soho Condo

April 20th, 2015

Actor Mike Meyers is selling his Mercer street penthouse condo in New York. This 4200 sq foot apartment has 14 foot ceilings, a dreamy terrace and very tasteful finishes.  If I were to live in NYC, I would love this location. He purchased it in 2007 for a cool 7.9 million.  It’s now listed at $16.95 million.

Mike Meyers 3

Mike Meyers 4

Mike Meyers 5

Mike Meyers 6

Mike Meyers 7

Mike Meyers 8

Mike Meyers 9

Mike Meyers 2

Absolutely stunning.  There is not a thing I would change about this condo.  Who knew Austin Powers had such good taste?!

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Let me start this blog by stating the obvious: I do not have children.  What do I know about hiding toys? Not much, but I can take a guess.  First of all, don’t be afraid to let your home look like you live there.  You DO.  Relax.  Second, I would invest in some great baskets or a nice toy box.  This toy box from Land of Nod is fantastic, and looks more like a trendy bench.  I would also advise you embrace this time of life, and integrate your children into your decor.  I love all of the tents out now.  They look great and can also be a place for you to throw things when that last minute company shows up.


Use toys as an opportunity to style.  You can hang shelves on the wall to display books and use stuffed animals as accessories.  Embrace the space, and if you have room for a nursery or play area, deck it out and make it there designated space.  From there you won’t feel as pressured to keep it perfectly clean as it’s more their domain.

nursery 2

Don’t worry.  As a girl who goes to plenty of friend’s homes who have children, it’s okay! I’m not disgusted by the toys gracing your floors.  It’s a normal stage of life (that goes very quickly) and chances are you will miss those tiny cars on the rug one day.

Happy weekend!

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Dreamy Brooklyn Town Home

April 16th, 2015

Zillow is turning into an addiction for me.  I stumbed across Michelle William’s previously owned town home in Brooklyn the other day.  Having a large space in NYC is the ultimate dream.  I can’t imagine.  Michelle purchased this home originally with Heath Ledger.  It is lovely.

michelle williams 2

michelle williams 3

michelle williams 4

michelle williams 5

michelle williams 6

michelle williams 7

michelle williams 8

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DBK is Two!

April 15th, 2015

Today marks two years of blogging for this little interior designer.  I would say the second year has certainly surpassed the first! Looking forward to more collaborations and giveaways.  THANK YOU so much for being a reader! Sometimes writing a blog can feel like you’re shouting in an empty room, so any encouragement thrown my way is appreciated more than you know.

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Front Door

April 14th, 2015

Every area of your home (interior and exterior) can take a little styling.  The front door is certainly no exception.  My favorites are a cheeky door mat, a bold paint color, topiaries and a lovely wreath or door knocker. If I had room, I would certainly add a pretty bench or outdoor lounge chair.

front door 2

front door 1

front door 3

I know Nate Berkus would frown since this is ALL over Pinterest, but I love the painted hello on the front door.  What’s your favorite front door accessory?

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Patio Reveal

April 13th, 2015

Yay! The day has finally arrived: our Home Depot Patio Style Challenge reveal.  I am so honored to have been asked to participate in this year’s challenge.  We were given a patio set, a Home Depot gift card and four weeks to work our magic.  The weather certainly threw us a few curve balls, but I’m so happy we got it all done.  Now we are set for some outdoor grilling when my in-laws arrive in a few weeks.

Just to remind you, here’s the dreadful before:

image (1)

And here’s the after!




See the full reveal here on the Home Depot Apron blog.  Happy Monday to you!

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A Dreamy Cabin Getaway

April 13th, 2015

I know we may be late to the party, but Tim and I have finally discovered and experienced Airbnb.  I think it’s fun to look at listings from time to time, and noticed this dreamy cabin outside of Portland last week.  What a perfect relaxing getaway! I don’t know about you, but I want to curl up in this cabin with a book and some coffee.

tiny cabin 2

tiny cabin 9

tiny cabin 4

tiny cabin 5

tiny cabin 6

tiny cabin 7

tiny cabin 8

Ugh… man.  Clearly it’s time for a vacation.

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A friend emailed recently asking how to style their first apartment.  Where should you shop and look for key pieces? I came up with the above scheme for her and thought I’d share the wealth.


If you want a beautiful home but have no idea where to start, pin away on pinterest.  Once you have a sizeable board, go back and take a look. Chances are there will be a common denominator. From there you can determine your style and decipher which pieces you need.


If you need a simple white sofa, don’t blow your budget on a designer number.  This pretty sofa from World Market is $899 and certainly gets the job done.


One area I always support a splurge is artwork.  Start a collection and buy things you intend to keep forever.  I also splurge on pretty rugs and accessories, although this great piece from West Elm is very reasonable.

Everything in that shot is just at $2400 before shipping and tax.  Not bad!

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One thing I love is peeking into celebrity’s homes (or anyone’s for that matter, if we’re being truthful). I’m always curious how people treat a space, especially if there’s unlimited funds in the mix.  This home is formerly owned by Jessica Simpson and decorated by Rachel Ashwell (and sold last November for 8.2 million).  The master and courtyard are an absolute dream.

Jessica Simpson 2

Jessica Simpson 3

Jessica Simpson 4

Jessica Simpson 5

Jessica Simpson 6

Jessica Simpson 7

Jessica Simpson 8

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