Nordstrom BF Sale

November 26th, 2015

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I’m sorry… Nordstrom has REALLY outdone themselves with their black Friday sale.  Already live, certain items are an additional 25% off.  I’m talking $65 Kate Spade purses, $25 Kendra Scott earrings.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Don’t miss out my friends! Things are selling out as I look at it.  This one is a goody (and full of amazing holiday gifts that won’t break your budget).

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Preparing For Company

November 24th, 2015

Is everyone gearing up for holiday guests? It’s the perfect time to refresh you on my favorite ways to prepare for winter company.

One thing I like to focus on is giving our guests (whether close friends or mere acquaintances) a hotel like experience. This cuts down on awkward moments of your husband’s college friend asking you for shampoo in the hallway at 6am. I always start with a hospitality basket in the room with a few Colorado items as well as bottled water and chap-stick. My Texas friends are never prepared for the altitude and lack of humidity, so it’s always nice to have this ready to go. Voss is my favorite bottled water to get. You can pick it up at Whole Foods for the same price as most bottled water, but people are always very impressed by it.

I also have a nicely framed printable with our WiFi password on the nightstand (you can find the one I have shown here), as well as a small ironing board and high quality steam iron ready to go in the closet.  To top it all off, I stock our medicine cabinet in the guest bath with travel size toiletry items. If you want to be a real all-star, add robes and slippers to your closet, but don’t take it too far or they may never leave.

I hope you’re more inspired to pull out all the stops for your holiday visitors!

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A Designer Touch Under $10

November 23rd, 2015

We all want a designer influenced interior, but not all of us have the budget.  Want to know how to glam up your living space with just $10? Buy a bunch of hydrangeas and put them in a small vase.  They are pretty, full and can last several weeks!

hydrangea 2

hydrangea 3

hudrangea 4

hydrangeas 5

hydrangea 6

Don’t wait for a man to bring you flowers.  Go to Trader Joe’s and treat yo ‘self! Your coffee table will thank you.

Happy Monday!

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Greenwich Village Apartment

November 19th, 2015

Spending this week in New York only furthers one of my favorite hobbies: searching high end apartment listings. One of the best things to do in your Uber is to peer into other peoples windows.  I love seeing how other people decorate and envision Tim and I in a tiny apartment in the city.  I would love to live here.  For now, I’ll just drool over this lovely Greenwich Village listing:

greenwich 2

greenwich 3

greenwich 4

greenwich 5


greenwich 6

greenwich 7

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Amie Corley Interiors

November 17th, 2015

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing pictures from Amie Corley Interiors.  Amie is a Missouri interior decorator and her portfolio is fantastic.  Check out her Clayton Lane project:











You can see more of her work here!

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Friday + Vacay

November 13th, 2015

Hello lovelies! It’s Friday, and I’m hitting some major deadlines and out the door for vacation.  My mom, sister and I are going on our first girls trip to New York City! I am beyond excited to spend so much solo time with them.  It will be restful, funny and fabulous, not to mention I’ll get to see one of my favorite friends for the third time this year. Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words on my first One Room Challenge link up.  I’m so glad I finally joined in and even happier with our much improved guest room.  Here’s some note worthy links for your weekend:

Check out my favorite ORC link ups! Driven By Decor, IBB Design, Lauren Nelson

I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick up these earrings… and maybe this top.

I cannot watch this video without laughing so hard I cry

I’m a sucker for R&B, but it is downright shameful how many times I’ve listened to this song lately

These booties are everything.  I cannot stop wearing them.

This is my favorite current furniture purchase.

Did you hear Cameron Diaz listed her dreamy Manhattan apartment? Check it out here.

You should be following Tori on Instagram.  I love her feed.

How cute are these felt garlands from Felt & Whim? I want.

Happy Friday! Much love to all my readers.

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One Room Challenge REVEAL!

November 12th, 2015

Ah!!! My friends, it’s here: The reveal of my first One Room Challenge. If you’re just tuning in, I linked up on Calling it Home’s infamous ORC where you have six weeks to completely transform a space. I decided to tackle our main guest room that I quickly threw together before our wedding. Five years later, it’s much more representative of my taste! If you want a refresher of the process, check out my previous links here:

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

After a lot of work and help from my husband, mom and sister, here we go!






I am so happy with the result! And now, to invite some company over! If you’re wondering where things came from, shop my sourcing here: lamp, side table, throw, headboard, pillow, coverlet, throw pillow. The walls are Benjamin Moore’s HC-169 Coventry Gray. The art work is the African mud cloth I found in a market in NYC and the small round mirror was a steal from Hobby Lobby.

Stop by Calling it Home today to see other fantastic reveals. Thanks for following along! I officially need a nap.

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I’m not going to lie… I’m not so ready for the holiday season.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already set up and taken down my Christmas tree? My front porch overhaul, however, leaves me wanting for the perfect boxwood wreath.  I love the modern feel.

boxwood 2

boxwood 3

boxwood 5

boxwood 6

Shop my favorites here: star, round, garland, narrow, lit version

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ORC Guest Participant, Week 5

November 5th, 2015

Oh my goodness, it’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I am so excited.  I could not be happier with how my project is turning out.  If you’ve just tuned in, I’m linking up with the guest participants for Calling It Home’s infamous One Room Challenge, where you have six weeks to completely transform a space.  I decided to take on our “after-thought” of a guest room and make it something that truly reflects my taste as a designer.   If you want to catch up, see my previous posts below:

DBK One Room Challenge Week 1

DBK One Room Challenge Week 2

DBK One Room Challenge Week 3

DBK One Room Challenge Week 4

Since last week was so productive, I was able to tackle more finishing touches.  I snagged these end tables I’d been eyeing, and they are a great fit for the space.


I also picked up some decorative trim and took the drapes to my gracious mom to hem.  I am obsessed with how they turned out:


$15 and a talented mother later, they look much more high end. So one of my beef’s with some participants of the ORC is showing too much before the big day.  I am dying to show everything that is complete, but I’d rather next week to be the big reveal.  So for now, here’s a little snap:


The headboard came from Wayfair and I am beyond pleased.  I wish there was video footage of me trying to get it off the porch and inside the house last weekend, but hey, it made it early and in perfect condition.  The chandelier is also up and I’ve never been so happy to see a tacky ceiling fan go. Here’s what’s left on my list:

          -Buy a throw for the end of the bed

          -Pick up the bedding I’m having made

          -Style and photograph

Come back next week for the big reveal! I am so excited.  Don’t forget to stop by Calling It Home today to see how other people’s projects are coming along.

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Are you thinking of doing some renovations, but worried about the process? I mean… maybe you should be.  Contractors can be tricky. Here’s some tips straight from the designer’s mouth: How to deal with a contractor!


Don’t go with the first number you get, EVER.  Get recommendations from friends and at least three quotes.  Tell them you are bidding out the job.  This will help you get a better price.


Did that contractor go to design school and take the NCIDQ? Most likely, no. Don’t let a contractor’s personal opinion confuse you.  Stick with your designer’s advice. I have had many a contractor tell me, “You know, I didn’t understand what you were doing, but this is beautiful!”


I have been burned myself on this one.  Only pay for work that has been completed and never pay the full balance ahead of time.  There is a major news story here in Denver right now about a contractor that conned many people into paying up front and never showed up to complete the work.  I would be very detailed and only pay down to the line item for what has been completed in a satisfactory manner.


Do your research.  Contact manufacturers and look online to get an idea of what things cost.  Every time a product changes hands, there is a mark up on it.  If the contractor can get it at the showroom, that’s two marks… Do your research so you know if the pricing is reasonable or outrageous.


Make sure to do your homework on the contractor you select.  Read online reviews and get information from past clients.  Just because someone comes in the lowest doesn’t mean they will necessarily do the best work.

Construction and home renovations can be daunting, but as long as you’re willing to do your homework and go the extra mile, things can go smoothly without wiping your bank account !

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