Hotel Saint Cecilia

May 31st, 2016

It’s no secret that I love Austin, Texas.  If I had to move back, it would be my top city of choice.  It’s the Boulder of the south.  This weekend my friend mentioned Hotel Saint Cecilia and now I want to plan a trip.









Amazing, right?!

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Friday Faves

May 27th, 2016

Hello and happy Friday! Four day weekends may be one of my favorite things. We are headed to New York today so I’m sharing this lovely Manhattan bedroom space from Steven Gambrel.  I may be the most excited about the master in our new house.  It has a little living area that I cannot wait to deck it out. Here’s some noteworthy links for your Friday:

Did you see my blog for Ann Sacks?

I need to snatch these up now that they’re on sale

Wondering how to pick interior paint? Go here

Maybe I watch this almost once a day

My favorite sandals went on sale

Did you see Lauren Conrad may be returning to TV? Still loving her Beverly Hills condo

How to prep your home for the market

I finally picked a kitchen backsplash! How dreamy is this?!

Still dying over Albertina’s One Room Challenge Reveal.  It’s too good

This is waaaaay too funny to me

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Doing some blog research this week led to the discovery of Candace Bushnell’s Manhattan apartment.  It’s too good not to share.  Check out her lovely one bedroom, one and a half bath Greenwich Village abode:









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Shop: sofa, coffee tableart, rug, chair, side table, lamp, pouf, pillow 1, pillow 2

I have quite a few friends (and former students!) that just graduated and are embarking on their professional career (and in turn, their first apartment).  Where should you shop and look for key pieces?


If you want a beautiful home but have no idea where to start, pin away on pinterest.  Once you have a sizeable board, go back and take a look. Chances are there will be a common denominator. From there you can determine your style and decipher which pieces you need.


If you need a simple white sofa, don’t blow your budget on a designer number.  This pretty sofa from World Market is on sale $539 and certainly gets the job done.


One area I always support a splurge is artwork.  Start a collection and buy things you intend to keep forever.  I also splurge on pretty rugs and accessories, although this great piece from West Elm is very reasonable.

Everything in that shot is just under $2000 before shipping and tax.  Not bad!

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NYC Packing List

May 19th, 2016

Shop: top, shorts, sunnies, necklace, backpack, sandals, phone case, shoe duster

Our home inspection is happening as we speak… so to keep myself from having a full-on heart attack, I’m thinking about my packing list for next week’s trip to NYC.  We’re headed to the city so I can hang out with podcast Lauren and the hubs can hang out with his close friend from college. I am DYING for a backpack weirdly, and this one from TB is on sale.  It’s taunting me.  I also recently discovered the glory that is a travel shoe duster.  I never thought about it, but why would you want the germs from the bottom of your feet to be all over your things? This Kate Spade bag is perfect.

Happy Thursday.  I hope your week is lovely!

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The Importance of Paint

May 16th, 2016

I’m coming to you today with a quick post on the importance of paint.  Paint is the most cost effective way to make a huge impact.  My greatest example is our exterior.  We repainted our home last summer and since then, three other homes on our street have gone with a darker scheme.

before home

Here’s the “before” shot.  While it’s not bad, it’s certainly one thing: BORING.  We have beautiful exterior stone that was getting lost in a sea of beige.  We also had brass fixtures from the early nineties.  My major goals were to bring more contrast and to play up the best features.  Top it with some new sconces and Voila!

home after

B Home 1

B Home 2

We got quite a few comments this weekend that the exterior was their favorite part.  All thanks to a can of paint!

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Palm Decor

May 15th, 2016

One of my favorite ways to spruce up our interior through the seasons is with accessories.  I’m currently loving modern touches of palm print. Where it’s palm or banana leaves, these accents leave me inspired for summer:

palm 2

palm 3

palm 4

palm 5

palm dress

palm pillow

palm 7

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Home Tour

May 13th, 2016

I’m back from radio silence, as our little house finally went on the market today! The professional pictures are so great, I had to share.  Check out our home tour:

B Home 2

Home 21

Home 22

Home 23

B Home 20

B Home 19

B Home 18

B Home 17

B Home 15

B Home 13

Byrne 14

B Home 12

B Home 11

B Home 10

B Home 9

B Home 8

B Home 6

B Home 5

B Home 4

B Home 3

I didn’t share every space, but you get the gist. Here’s hoping it sells quickly!

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May 2nd, 2016

There is no color more timeless than navy, and I’m currently coveting it for all things interior.  Maybe because I just ordered our new giant sectional, but navy is on the brain.  Look how stunning:

navy 2

navy 3

navy 4

navy 5

navy 6

navy 7

If you’re looking for recommendations, Sherwin Williams 6244 and Benjamin Moore’s HC-158 Newberg Green are my current favorites.

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It’s Gonna Be May

April 29th, 2016

Happy Friday! How on earth is it already May? I can’t handle it.  I’m ordering the custom sectional for our home today and am nervous to pull the trigger.  One side is 12′ long! I’m also headed to Arkansas to judge the Capstone projects for the Senior Interior Design students at Harding University.  We are supposed to get snow (BLESS IT) so hopefully the weather doesn’t rain on my parade.  Here are some links for your Friday:

Did you see Albertina’s ORC? CANNOT get over that dresser from Homegoods

Did you catch episode 2 of my podcast? Listen here

Obsessing over my co-worker’s new leggings

This is AMAZING!

Um… can’t stop watching this either

My open letter to Target got a ridiculous amount of traffic this week… the REAL problem with the bathroom

The perfect blouse for summer

How to prep your house for the market

This was really interesting

I finally got this clock for the house and I love it

Dying for this water bottle

Never gets old

Have a great weekend!

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