Let me just pause and say, I am obsessed with our kitchen.  But having an all white cooking space has brought some interesting things to my attention.  I am cleaning it ALL THE TIME.  I’m talking I have never wiped counters so much in my life.  Which leaves me wondering… was our last kitchen filthy and I didn’t know? We had dark granite in the old house and I very rarely felt the need (outside of the cleaners coming to visit) to spray it down with anything.  Let me just tell you, your Keurig is spraying coffee everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  I’m talking all over the counter, the sides of the cabinets, etc.  It is like a toddler is making your coffee.





Maybe now we have a more beautiful and much more sanitary space!

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Weekend Links

October 14th, 2016

Woohoo! It’s Friday! I have been busy this week and have a weekend full of fun dinners with friends.  The lighting came in for the basement bedroom this week and it’s being installed tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get it all together! Here are some note worthy links for your weekend:

This made me ugly cry at my desk yesterday

Dying for this sweater

My favorite fall soup

Ken Fulk’s amazing NYC apartment

This is TOO good

I keep thinking about this chandelier

And this print

My new favorite work top

This is hilarious to me

I’ll take this in all colors

Happy Friday!

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195 Hudson Street 5B

October 10th, 2016

Like I mentioned last week, Bethenny Frankel listed her newly refreshed (and post divorce) Tribeca condo for a cool 6.95 million.  I loved the unit before, but the spruce up for sale is lovely.  Take a look:









Jay-Z and Beyonce also own in that building.  You know, no big deal.

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Imagery via Douglas Elliman

Week’s Wrap Up

October 7th, 2016

Good morning and happy Friday! It’s finally started to get a little cool here in Colorado (which makes getting out of bed nearly impossible).  Our dog even slept under the duvet last night.  It’s my favorite time of year! Don’t you love the ombre drapery in the image above? I caught that shot during some research for work this week and I’m obsessed.  Here’s some links for your Friday:

Bethenny Frankel listed her Tribeca apartment she formerly shared with Jason.  The refresh is stunning.

If you need something to watch this weekend, this is fascinating

This is my favorite new show

Dreaming of these boots for fall

If you like all things pumpkin, this is my favorite treat

One of my favorite coffee table books

This pool is insane

This is the perfect fall dress

This yummy tablecloth is an additional 40% off

Have you heard about my latest home project?

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Project: Basement Bedroom

October 6th, 2016

We have a basement bedroom that is currently empty.  With the holidays rapidly approaching, we have to get this room ready for company.  It is literally a blank canvas.  As I’ve mentioned before, my husband’s parents live in Hawaii.  When they come, they come for a significant amount of time.  The goal is to not only have a lovely guestroom, but a restful retreat for my in-laws when they visit.  It will have a king bed, it’s own bathroom and quite a bit of privacy.  Here’s the game plan:


Stay tuned!

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Paintings: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I am currently craving vintage style paintings and portraits.  I was an art student all through high school and college, and art selection is one of my very favorite parts of the design process.  I like to pick things that are thought provoking, and these certainly hit the mark.  All of these pieces are such fun finds (and most of them are low end from Etsy).  Look at the depth similar pieces add to living spaces:






This one is calling my name.

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John Pomp

October 4th, 2016

A little design research led to the discovery of John Pomp this morning and I am in love! John is an artist and trained in Murano glass-making.  He has translated this technique into a furnishings and lighting line and the end result is stunning.  Look at these fantastic pieces:







If you’re looking for a show-stopping piece, this is it.

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All imagery via John Pomp

Friday Links

September 30th, 2016

It’s nearly October.  I cannot get over that.  What happened to this year?! I am so excited for fall.  I love all things pumpkin flavored and am ready to retire to my knee high boots.  It’s time, Colorado.  It’s time.  For now, here’s some note worthy links for your Friday.

I can’t stop stalking this dress

This article NAILS it

Don’t miss my 7 DON’Ts for Home Decor

Cannot wait to use this tile on a project

My coworker wore these this week and I’m obsessed

Dreaming of this place.  Take me back

This is hilarious

If you’re looking for a quick read, this book is so good.  I read it in 48 hours

I have watched this at least 50 times

These are adorable (and on the super cheap)

Happy weekend!

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7 Don’ts For Home Decor

September 29th, 2016


What does this mean? Don’t buy the entire set, as in the Palmer nightstand, Palmer dresser, Palmer mirror and Palmer bed frame.  Mix it up! You can have matching nightstands but that is it (and even those can be different).  It will give the room more depth and keep it from looking like you ordered page 37 of the Pottery Barn catalog.


What? I know we just fully embraced black and brown, but you can 100% mix metals.  Our new house has punches of brushed nickel AND brass.  That’s right.  Don’t feel married to one tone.


This may be my biggest pet peeve.  Do not buy tiny art. Go big or go home.  Airing on the large side rather than smaller will always work out better.


Another pet peeve.  Your living room rug should not look like a door mat.  Always air on the bigger size.  If you can fit an 8′ x 10′ then definitely go for it.


If we’re being honest, even accent walls aren’t a thing anymore.  Each room gets 1 color.  Really, just one.  I don’t understand when people paint upwards of 3 and 4 colors in a room… I mean, what is the plan here?


You’ve heard this one from me before, but I’m not kidding.  Don’t put anything above your kitchen cabinets.  It’s not a storage ledge.  Strive to keep things nice and neat.  It’s not an area to call attention to.


Your home should reflect your family and your taste.  It also needs to look lived in. Don’t copy someone’s style or get everything out of a vignette you saw in a magazine.  At the end of the day, that’s boring.  Be original and don’t be afraid to express your own taste.  After all, you’re the one living there, right?

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