It’s Gonna Be May

April 29th, 2016

Happy Friday! How on earth is it already May? I can’t handle it.  I’m ordering the custom sectional for our home today and am nervous to pull the trigger.  One side is 12′ long! I’m also headed to Arkansas to judge the Capstone projects for the Senior Interior Design students at Harding University.  We are supposed to get snow (BLESS IT) so hopefully the weather doesn’t rain on my parade.  Here are some links for your Friday:

Did you see Albertina’s ORC? CANNOT get over that dresser from Homegoods

Did you catch episode 2 of my podcast? Listen here

Obsessing over my co-worker’s new leggings

This is AMAZING!

Um… can’t stop watching this either

My open letter to Target got a ridiculous amount of traffic this week… the REAL problem with the bathroom

The perfect blouse for summer

How to prep your house for the market

This was really interesting

I finally got this clock for the house and I love it

Dying for this water bottle

Never gets old

Have a great weekend!

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Peter Andrew Photography

April 28th, 2016

I’m coming at you today with my latest obsession: Peter Andrews Photography. It’s no secret that I love oversized and thought provoking art.  Peter Andrew’s work certainly fits the bill.  His mission to “turn the ordinary and overlooked into beauty” more than hits the mark.

peter 1

peter 3

peter 6

peter 5

peter 4

peter 8

peter 7

This kind of work is right up my alley.  I love how each piece is almost emotional. I’ve styled one of his pieces from the Point Blank series.  Wondering how you could make this work for your home? Take a look:

Peter Photography Styling

Shop: console, lamp, books, aloe plant, stool

Bravo, Peter! I’m adding you to my favorites list.

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All imagery via Peter Andrews Photography

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you know Alexis Bledel (Rory).  She and her husband recently sold their Brooklyn Heights Penthouse Duplex and it is dreamy.  The key to this space is tall ceilings and lots of light: everyone’s real estate dream in New York City.  Take a look:

 bledel 1

bledel 4

bledel 3

bledel 6

bledel 7

bledel 5

I can’t decide what’s better: the vaulted ceilings or the bathroom. Stunning.

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Dear Target,

It’s no mystery by now. My love for you knows no bounds.  We have always been close, but ever since you added Nate Berkus to our relationship, I can’t stay away.  I have more trays than I have surfaces, shoes than I could possibly wear, and extra pounds from all the lattes I chug while roaming your aisles.  I set reminders on my phone for your collaboration releases.  It’s serious.  Really serious.  But one thing that is damaging our relationship is your bathrooms.  I don’t know what happens, but crossing that hallway into the tiled bathroom is like entering a third world country.  Every surface is wet.  EVERY surface.  Maybe because your strong residential style faucets from 1993 spray all over the floor and me the minute you touch the knob.  There are paper towels covering the floor, and yet a chart on the door with employees initials proving that at some point in the hour, this restroom was “cleaned.” You top off your experience by adding hand dryers that could rival the sound level of a jet engine. I don’t know what to say, but I will nearly risk an embarrassing moment to avoid using your bathrooms.  Maybe Nate could renovate them? Just a thought.


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(and the rest of America)

With a new home on the horizon, we are prepping our current one to go on the market.  What all does that entail? After quite a bit of research (and my knowledge of designing model apartments for the last twelve years), here are the main things you need to focus on to put your home on the market:


This one is obvious, but you need to clean up and de-clutter.  This one is a slower process, but I’m working on editing things down and removing the clutter.  This means nothing on counters (kitchen and bath) and well thought out styling.


This one is tough but true: You need to remove all personal items from the home.  That means pictures and obvious personal items.  In this way, you are allowing the potential buyer to more easily envision themselves living in your home (and not feel like they’re snooping into your world).  I worked on this quite a bit this weekend and it made me a little sad.  I preach non-stop on how you should make your home personal, so you could say there’s quite a bit to remove.


Though you may love your neon orange play room, it could be a potential buyer’s worst nightmare.  If you have some wild paint, consider taking it down to a neutral palate.  Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray are great neutral colors. Keeping your space down to only one or two colors will also make the space feel much bigger.



This will be tough for us but it’s certainly true.  You need to remove all traces of pets. Not everyone likes animals and for some people it is a complete turn off.  Make sure your carpets are cleaned, toys and paraphernalia are removed and you have great candles or air fresheners flowing. Right now I am loving this scent from Bath & Body Works.  Plug them in a discreet location and voila.


First impressions are important, especially when it comes to your curb appeal.  Make sure you take the time to clean up your front and back yard.  If you don’t know how (like us), hire someone.  This could make or break a sale, and landscape help can be pretty cost effective in any city.


If you have a day full of showings, leave some water or fresh baked cookies.  If it’s a hot day, this could really be appreciated (and a way to make your home more memorable).

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Honolulu Penthouse

April 22nd, 2016

Now that I’m back at work, vacation is definitely still on the brain.  We had such a great time on Oahu and Maui.  Today, I’m dreaming of this perfect penthouse in Honolulu.  How amazing are these views?

Honolulu 1

Honolulu 2

Honolulu 5

Honolulu 6

Honolulu 7

Honolulu 4

Honolulu 8


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Imagery via Lonny

Tips On How To Style

April 21st, 2016

Even as a professional, style is always about trial and error.  You want to find a good balance in scale, color and feel.  This console hits the mark with cool grays and a light touch of yellow. Stylish with a bit of function: my favorite kind of design!

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Shop: console, art, fur stool, lamp, orchid, basket, peace sign

Hawaii Recap

April 18th, 2016

Hello! We are back from a very fun vacation.  I’m so glad we took a much needed break.  My in-laws live on Oahu, so we headed to Honolulu last Friday for ten days of beach (and a little Maui in between).  We started off with a bang by swimming in a shark cage first thing Saturday morning.



Definitely something to do at least once.  There were around 15 sharks in the 10 to 12 foot range swarming the cage.  It is nothing shy of a Christmas miracle that I didn’t puke on that boat.  It was so turbulent they cancelled the group that was waiting to go after us.  After that, we made a stop at our favorite shrimp bus, Giovanni’s:


It is an Oahu must.  Their garlic shrimp is one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had. We snuck in one last visit yesterday before heading to the airport. The goal of this trip was to do more things we had never done before, so Monday we went on a sunset dinner cruise.




Another thing I would highly recommend doing at least once in Hawaii.  The food was fantastic and the ride had great views of the city (without having to go into Waikiki). On Tuesday we all headed to Maui.  We had never been and I think it’s officially my favorite island.  We rode bikes down the volcano (26 miles!), had an amazing dinner at Mama’s Fish House and managed a few snorkeling trips.




If you’ve never been to Hawaii, add it to your list.  It’s worth every bit of hype.

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April 8th, 2016

WOOHOO! It’s Friday and my vacation starts today.  You could say I’m a bit excited. It’s been a busy week of wrapping up work projects and exercising like Jesse Spano.  Here are some noteworthy links for your Friday.  We are doing a shark dive tomorrow! Make sure you are following me on Instagram here.

ICYM, I started a podcast!! Listen here

I have this song on repeat

I stood two feet from this Bachelor contestant on the train Monday night

This girl is the real MVP. I cannot stop laughing

Bought this for Hawaii and it is even dreamier in person

This is so cute, I can barely handle myself

I need this to run in

This might be the most ridiculous thing currently on the internet

The One Room Challenge has begun! I will be stalking this, this and this

This might be the perfect travel bag

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Happy Friday to you!

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