Art of Paint, Vol. Is Anyone Reading This?

June 13th, 2013

You may or may not have noticed that I skipped last week’s Thursday paint post.  When I first started this blog, I thought that was going to be one of my favorite topics.

It’s not.

I ran out of paint colors pretty quick.  I have a list that I use commercially, but if I recommended them for residential use, I may lose every current reader. Let me say that I am very passionate about paint, and love to help friends find the perfect color.  It really is hard and very easy to make a poor decision.

One of my biggest recommendations is the above.  Invest in the tiny color samples. Paint ALWAYS takes on a different identity in varying light conditions.  What you may love in an overly lit via fluorescent environment such as Home Depot, will take on an entirely different life in your home.  Paint the wall and live with it for a few days.  You may be surprised at what you do and don’t like.

They are also great for touch ups.  If you save  your giant paint can, chances are, two years later when you decide to fill those nail holes you’ve been ignoring, the paint inside will look like this:

old paint

They are much easier to keep fresh and ready to go.  I’m also seeing these all over pinterest and am dying to get some. Well done, Rubbermaid.


For now, I’m going to lay off the paint, unless someone has a request.  Any objections?

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  1. Sandra vanhooser says:

    What is that Rubbermaid thing? I wanna know more!

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