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ORC Guest Participant, Week 4

October 29th, 2015

Hey hey! Here we are at week 4 of the One Room Challenge.  This past week was the hardest for me.  If you’re just tuning in, I’m completely re-vamping our main guest room in six week’s time.  I’ve linked up with Calling It Home’s famous series and we have six weeks to complete the project.  This week I primed and painted that dark brown and wow, it took FOREVER.


I had to travel this week for work so I spent the majority of Friday priming and painting. A little elbow grease and six hours later, my room was a beautiful blue gray.



I’m pretty sure I’m good with never painting again! My little African mud cloth project came along but not without a huge scare. I cut the piece in two and took it to Hobby Lobby to have it float framed.  After an hour long conversation with specific instructions for the hanger (including WHITE matting), I arrived to find them like this:


I had picked a very light mat to really let the piece jump out, although the Hobby Lobby employees were not sharing my vision.  Even when I mentioned I wanted it white they were quite resistant to my idea. Why would I want it on black? You could hardly see the piece.


Thankfully they were able to get them removed and mounted correctly.  I walked in the door scared to look but found these waiting for me:


Perfection.  I am SO excited.  The chandelier arrived also and it looks great! I’m so excited to get this project finished.


Here’s what I have left to do:

          -purchase nightstands

          -pick bedding

          -hang the chandelier

          -receive the headboard (comes Monday!!!)

          -purchase trim and apply to the drapery

          -style and take pictures

I have a feeling I’m going to be finished early.  Sometimes a deadline is all I need to get going! Hope you’ve enjoyed following along.  Make sure to stop by the link up page here to see other’s projects!

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