Current Obsessions

October 5th, 2017

Hello! I’m coming to you today with my current obsessions. I met with a fellow blogger friend last week and she mentioned these were one of her favorite posts. I have to agree, I love finding out about new things from friends.  Here’s what I’m currently obsessing over:


We are currently reading The Royal We in bookclub and I feel like it’s playing out right before our eyes (and if you need a good book to read, pick that one up! SO good). I have always been intrigued by the royals, and Meghan Markle is stunning.


I know…give it up, right? I cannot stop mentioning cold brew coffee but it is consistently a highlight of my day. KitchenAid has a new brewer/dispenser that you can leave in your fridge and it is going on the top of my Christmas list. Then there’s the new tumblers from S’well. I need it all!


For home decor, I cannot stop with these three.  I love a round mirror (especially a giant one). Leopard pillows are the new neutral, and this hide version from Williams Sonoma is perfect for my couch. Lastly, I love thought provoking art. This portrait from OKL is fantastic.


I am SO ready for the seasons to change.  We are in that awkward space in Denver where one day is 57 and the next is 85, but we are so close to fall.  As one of my friends recently stated, “My body type really lends itself well to layers” and nothing could be more true for me.  This sweater and these green Converse need to be in my closet ASAP (and both are conveniently on sale).


My face has taken on a whole new exhausted look with the baby and I am in need of some product, people.  My coworker recently started using a Derma Roller and I have been dying to try one.  It opens up your skin to more readily receive any serums you apply and generate new cell growth.  Why have I not already ordered this?!


If you follow me on social media, I’m sure this is obvious, but I am obsessed with our sweet child.  She is precious and funny and spends 90% of her day smiling. I ordered a bunch of sale Old Navy clothes for her and holy smokes is it precious. We are beyond thankful for our little lady.

What are your current obsessions?

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