Guest Post: Emily Moses

October 1st, 2013

Today’s guest is the lovely Emily Moses.  She is a pinner to follow (if you are a Pinterest user, you can find her here).  I used to babysit Emily, and now she is a sophisticated and stylish Senior in college, meaning I’m really old.



Hi everybody! My name is Emily and I am a senior English major at a small school in West Texas. I love reading, red nail polish, washi tape, and watching videos of baby goats on YouTube. (Seriously, they’re so cute.) I was thrilled when Katy asked me to guest post on her blog about my ever-exciting First Apartment Out of College, and I am really excited to share some of my thoughts and plans with you!


Along with her blue eyes and perfectionistic organizational skills, my Momma passed down an uncanny knack and deep love for decorating to me. Some of my most vivid and beloved childhood memories are of mornings spent moseying around fabric stores, matching this with that and grabbing an extra swatch of something else for later.


It is no surprise, then, that I plan on taking a few words of decorating advice from my mother with me when I move up to Washington, D.C. for graduate school next fall. Here are the two of the most formative tips she has shared with me that have helped to guide me through my decorating ventures:


1. Clutter isn’t cuter.

This is a major issue for me, as I am a card-carrying hoarder. I will admit to you right now that I have, in my possession, every single letter I have ever received. Why? I don’t know, but I cannot get rid of them. But I have learned that clean and clear surfaces are much more pleasing to the eye, not to mention less conducive of stress, than cluttered spaces.

2. Keep the things you love and make them work.

A couple years ago I found and purchased a brass pineapple at a thrift store. Although my reasoning for the purchase at the time was “Well, it’s only $1.50 and it’s kind of cool and if I hate it by this time next week I can just drop it back off in the donation center”, this piece has stolen my heart and holds I-Will-Save-This-In-A-Fire status. Similarly, my mom has a dresser she and my dad picked up off the corner of a busy street in Abilene, TX when she was pregnant with me that she refuses to get rid of. That poor piece of furniture has been painted more times than anyone cares to try to count, but she will always, always make that piece work. I have learned from my mom that it is important to love the things that surround you. If you don’t love something in the store, don’t buy it. If you don’t love something taking up space in your house, get rid of it. Somebody else will give it the love you can’t!


Me: “Isn’t my mom the best? Even just these two bits of advice can completely change your home!”

You: “Speaking of home, what do you want yours to look like?”

Me: “Oh, you know, I was hoping you’d ask!”

Lately I have been loving white. White on white on white, please, I say. I recently painted my bedroom a wonderful shade of whitish with the tiniest hint of an icy greyish-blue and coming home to walls that look like a crisp, clean palette is refreshing and inspiring to me. I have a vintage blue and green tweed armchair, some splashes of color in the form of printstagrams posted on my wall (tiny Polaroid-esque prints of your Instagrams – go check out their website and fall deeply in love!), and assorted pillows on my white linen bed to add some color into the room. It is with this palette that I intend to decorate my next abode here in about a year or so, and here is where I am finding my inspiration!

Emily 1

I love the neutral color story with the gallery wall behind the couch – what a fun way to add some personality into your home!

 Emily 2

What are the chances I will be able to find an apartment with butcher block countertops on a student’s budget? …A girl can dream.

Emily 3


Last Christmas I was lucky enough to go on a Caribbean cruise and I have some pictures I would love to have enlarged and framed like this one. What a nice way to escape!


Okay, I must go but I so very much enjoyed sharing some tips from my mom with you and showing you some things that are inspiring (Pin-spiring?) me as I plan how to decorate my first apartment alone next year! I would love to hear some of your tried and true tips and what is inspiring you these days! Have the best day!

*Imagery via Pinterest, found here, here and here


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  1. David Moses says:

    My dewdrop rocks.

  2. Kimberlee says:

    Loves the idea of enlarging personal pictures!

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