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March 13th, 2015

Hello again lovely DBK readers! I’m Maggie from and I am so happy to be back swapping posts with Katy! Spring is on its way down here in NC, and the warmer temps are (mercifully) creeping up on us. There are many trends popping up for spring and summer, but how do you pick?! Don’t worry, today I am bringing my Top 3 Must-Haves for spring.  This guide will get you through the seasons stylishly, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to wear these pieces well into the fall and winter.

When it comes to trends, I like to keep my initial purchases focused on accessories because you can easily incorporate them into tried-and-true looks that you are comfortable with. First is the mule. Either you have a strong reaction that says “YES!” or another that says “NOOOO!!” I understand, I was formally part of that “HUH?! NO!” group. But I’ve seen the light. Mules are amazing. They are comfy.  You don’t even have to tie/strap/buckle them. Sold.

Next up is flared denim.  I can’t express how much I love the silhouette because of how flattering it is to almost every body type. You can get it high-waisted (my favorite), low-cut, wide-leg, or super flared depending on your personal preference. It is surprising how often I reach for mine.

Finally, there is fringe! So a fringe western jacket isn’t for you. That’s ok, it’s not for me either. But I can totally take fringe on a small scale, like this gorgeous clutch. The soft color makes it less moto or western and a lot more feminine and soft. Adding eye-catching trends like fringe on a small scale allows you to stand out for the right reasons.

Shop the post: mule, denim, clutch

Thanks for stopping by, Maggie! I don’t know about y’all, but I think I’m gonna run by The Gap today and check out some flare denim.  So cute.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m obsessed with mules which is so weird for me since I’m not usually into trendy pieces! Great list of must haves for spring Maggie.

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