Hey, Slide On Over. I Don’t Bite

March 6th, 2014

When we first met last fall, I mentioned that I am in the very interesting process of growing up. In two short months (May 10th, to be exact) I am graduating from college and doing the whole adult thing, presumably. I’ve been accepted to graduate school, internship applications are in, the job search is on, and I am wrapping up all my research work for my undergraduate degree. Yikes, right? Amidst all the paperwork and Google docs I am finding solace in dreaming of my new space and, random as it may seem, benches have caught my eye.


Benches? What?

I know. Hear me out, okay?


I am of the opinion that having a bench at the kitchen or dining room table is a très chic way to provide seating. Imagine an intimate brunch with your honey on a Saturday morning, huddled up next to each other on the bench, eating crepes and strawberries. Or think of a gaggle of adorable and creative kids squeezed on the bench, coloring or painting or drawing or writing next to each other. Even better, think of girls night with all your best friends, snacking on your new favorite dessert recipes and catching up on the latest gossip. Having a bench at the table is a great way to maximize seating by saying, “Hey, slide on over. I don’t bite!”


There are infinite ways to fit a bench into your style, so check out a few of my favorites:

 Bench 1

Ok, this plush bench in a white kitchen is my dream. It looks so comfy, am I right?


bench 2


Why stop with one bench when you can have two?! This indoor picnic table is so rustic and fun.


bench 3


You can never go wrong with minimalism: case and point.

bench 4


Um, hello. A couch at the table? I would never, ever get up.

bench 5


Here’s another couch at the table. I’m starting to think this is what I need.


bench 6

A fun take on your classic booth plus a great bookshelf.


bench 7

This might be my favorite. White walls, great windows, dark wood floors, and a bench.

So, what do you think? Would you choose a bench or sofa over regular chairs? Help me out here!


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2 Responses

  1. Karine says:

    I think a bench is so so great! You can always squeeze one more person (like a child on there) when you’re having family or friends over! It’s lovely and can be moved around if you need it to! However a sofa is just way more comfortable (in my opinion) And having it by the window like in the 5th photo is just beautiful! This is such a hard decision! Benches are tres chic though 😛 xx


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