How to Hang Drapery & Properly Dress Windows

June 27th, 2013

Drapery is an easy thing to do, well, wrong.  Many people don’t know that their technique is, well, wrong. I see many photos on Pinterest that more than adequately depict some general rules. Love the below.

It doesn’t matter how small the window, always have the drapery touch the floor.  Don’t let your panel end at the window. EVER.  You also want to split the difference between the top of the window header and the ceiling for your mounting height. See the below:


Both of these techniques will make your window look larger. I also prefer my drapes to touch the floor, no puddling or hanging above.  Maybe a personal preference, but I feel the alternative is dated.

I love layering treatments, especially with a roman on the window and a panel flanking either side. Love, love, love.


I also love a shaped cornice, but you will lose me at valance…

*All imagery via Pinterest

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  1. Kerry says:

    So we have radiators above the kids windows…so I was thinking of hemming them so they end at the window sill. otherwise I’m constantly bunching them up on top of the radiator to avoid overheating, etc. Is this OK to do then, to hem to the windowsill?? Otherwise I agree with you to always have them floor length… appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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