Life Update: I’m a Mom

June 10th, 2017

After three and a half years of prayer and struggle, we are parents to the most precious bean I could have ever imagined. Per usual, God’s timing is always perfect. I assumed the entire pregnancy that she would look like Tim, so when the nurse brought her around, I was shocked. I’m pretty sure I gasped. Everyone seems to think she looks like me. Either way, I love her so much and still seem to be in a bit of shock that she’s ours. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered post pregnancy:

* I cannot stomach coffee the way I used to… and now seem to be a tea drinker

* My voice is significantly lower (which is probably a good thing ha)

* I thought I “wasn’t sleeping” at all during my third trimester.  HA… think again

* I didn’t know I could love or worry about anything so much

* Changing diapers is not bad at all. I’m so eager to help her

* I’m pretty sure Taylor will have a great sense of humor as she has already mastered side eye at the ripe age of three weeks

* Being someone’s main food source is NO JOKE

* Parenthood emphasizes the need for complete dependency on God (I am certainly not in control)

We are so thankful for you little lady and pray daily that we are good parents. You were worth every day of waiting.

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  1. Susan Wallis says:

    Very well said! She is precious and loved by everyone already! You and Tim are doing a great job. It’s definitely a huge life-changer, but you will love every minute of her sweet faces and smile. Surely, with a Mom like you, she will bound to have a great sense of humor.

  2. Leslie K says:

    Katy! I’m super late to the game (been traveling overseas), but I am so excited for you and your new family! She is gorgeous! What a joy for you guys! Happy Happy! 🙂

    Such a blessing!

  3. Diana Ramsey says:

    Hi Katy! Can you please share the source with me, of the little white monogrammed gown and pink bow that sweet baby Taylor wore? I NEED that so bad for my Lily Anna that is due in October💕

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