Life Update

October 6th, 2017

Good morning and happy Friday! Weekends take on a whole other level of excitement now as it means I get nearly three solid days with Taylor. She is close to five months now (which is insane) and is the happiest little baby you’ve ever met. She gets very hangry (just like her mom), but otherwise is nearly all smiles. I don’t think we could ask for a more perfect little girl. Here are some links for your Friday:

Can you handle Taylor’s jacket? You can find it on sale here

Old Navy has a matching sweatshirt here and I’m dying to get it…

My husband put my straighter on one of these and it’s kind of genius

This made me laugh uncontrollably yesterday

How cute is this blog?

If you need something to binge watch this weekend, this is a good series

And this documentary is INSANE

These are at the top of my wishlist

How to vamp up your porch for fall

This made me cry


Current Obsessions

October 5th, 2017

Hello! I’m coming to you today with my current obsessions. I met with a fellow blogger friend last week and she mentioned these were one of her favorite posts. I have to agree, I love finding out about new things from friends.  Here’s what I’m currently obsessing over:


We are currently reading The Royal We in bookclub and I feel like it’s playing out right before our eyes (and if you need a good book to read, pick that one up! SO good). I have always been intrigued by the royals, and Meghan Markle is stunning.


I know…give it up, right? I cannot stop mentioning cold brew coffee but it is consistently a highlight of my day. KitchenAid has a new brewer/dispenser that you can leave in your fridge and it is going on the top of my Christmas list. Then there’s the new tumblers from S’well. I need it all!


For home decor, I cannot stop with these three.  I love a round mirror (especially a giant one). Leopard pillows are the new neutral, and this hide version from Williams Sonoma is perfect for my couch. Lastly, I love thought provoking art. This portrait from OKL is fantastic.


I am SO ready for the seasons to change.  We are in that awkward space in Denver where one day is 57 and the next is 85, but we are so close to fall.  As one of my friends recently stated, “My body type really lends itself well to layers” and nothing could be more true for me.  This sweater and these green Converse need to be in my closet ASAP (and both are conveniently on sale).


My face has taken on a whole new exhausted look with the baby and I am in need of some product, people.  My coworker recently started using a Derma Roller and I have been dying to try one.  It opens up your skin to more readily receive any serums you apply and generate new cell growth.  Why have I not already ordered this?!


If you follow me on social media, I’m sure this is obvious, but I am obsessed with our sweet child.  She is precious and funny and spends 90% of her day smiling. I ordered a bunch of sale Old Navy clothes for her and holy smokes is it precious. We are beyond thankful for our little lady.

What are your current obsessions?

Fall Porch Decor

October 4th, 2017

I had the opportunity to spruce up my front porch for Fall recently with Home Depot a few years ago and I love how it turned out. I am a self-proclaimed talent-less DIY-er, and anytime I can pull off a project like this on my own is very exciting.  As you can see, our front porch was, well…disgusting. My lovely neighbor let me borrow their power washer one morning and I spent the rest of the day repainting the deck.  Bitty sat by the screen and watched me the whole time.


While the paint dried I pulled all the weeds out of the side yard and replaced the very old mulch.  It looks SO much better.  Once, complete, I added the wreaths, some beautiful modern planters from Home Depot and some cute pumpkins. I also de-brassed the front door kick plate and handle by spraying it with a bronze metallic paint.






Happy Fall, y’all!

Katy Signature-01

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today I am coming to you with a few ways to treat yourself on the cheap! I am a new mom on a budget, and have found a few things that are too good to pass up:


Melanie Shankle’s new book came out today and IT IS SO GOOD. I was lucky enough to be part of the launch team and to say this showed up on my door step at a key time is an understatement.  It’s all about making the most of life through the small moments (which usually turn out to be the big ones).  It’s cute, funny and easy to read with her southern accent in mind (if you listen to The Big Boo Cast). Do yourself a favor and pick one up.


I am loving a touch of camo for fall, and this cute vest is less than $20 with the code FAMILY (today is the last day). Combined with a white t, some distressed jeans and these cute booties, and you are all set for casual Friday.


I have a talent for killing plants. It’s a rare gift I didn’t discover until marriage, but let me tell you, I am killing it.  We had these sweet window boxes under the front windows of our old home.  I would plant flowers and COMPLETELY forget they were there. Translation: no watering and no love. Succulents are such a good way to add a little life and freshness to your home with very little maintenance.  This little aloe plant from CB2 is adorable and only $6!


This one is another thing I learned about via Melanie Shankle.  They talked about Too Faced mascara on the Big Boo Cast with Brittany from Last Chance U (which is a WHOLE other topic if you have not watched that Netflix documentary) and a trip to walk the mall with Taylor one day led to a purchase.  I LOVE IT.  If you don’t want to commit, there is a $12 travel size option. For a red head with somewhat invisible features, this is a dream.


As a new working mom, my face has taken on a definitive tired look.  I’m a little late to the mask party, but I love Sephora’s brand.  They have a bunch of choices at a price that won’t kill your wallet.  This eye mask is next on my list.

I love a fun cheap find.  What are your favorites?


If you’ve read any of Andy Cohen’s books, you know he’s been working on his current and expanding Greenwich Village apartment. I was so excited to see his spread in Elle Decor this month now that it’s finally finished! Take a look at his whimsical space:

I love that artwork incorporating the word “sweety.” If you follow AC on twitter, that probably gave you a laugh.  Check out the full Elle Decor article here.

I’ve blogged on her apartment before, but the lovely Carol Radziwill just refreshed her stunning SOHO apartment.  Just when you thought something couldn’t get any better, it does.  Aspen decorator John Bossard helped Carol knock this out of the park:

To see the full article, head to AD.

Life Update

July 28th, 2017

I have less than two weeks maternity left and wow, has it gone fast. Miss Taylor is a little over 10 weeks (and 10 pounds!) and smiles all the time. We have settled into a great rhythm and could not be more thankful for such a happy little lady. We’re excited for the weekend because it’s always nice to have our whole little family at home. For now, here’s some links for your Friday:

This will make all the men in my family nauseous

Maybe I want to go to this?

I have to have these

Is this true? Dying for a formal announcement

Did you catch my post on her new house?

This is funny (and 100% me)

My new favorite top that I cannot stop wearing

The world’s softest jammies for your kiddos

A really fun Manhattan studio apartment 

Happy Friday!

It’s no secret I’m slightly obsessed with Mindy Kaling.  She is hilarious and so relate-able. If you haven’t read one of her books yet, you’re really missing out. She recently purchased and renovated a home in Hancock Park and just like her personality, it’s very bold.  Working with interior designer Katie Ridder, the end result is lovely. Take a look:



All imagery via AD

Life Update: I’m a Mom

June 10th, 2017

After three and a half years of prayer and struggle, we are parents to the most precious bean I could have ever imagined. Per usual, God’s timing is always perfect. I assumed the entire pregnancy that she would look like Tim, so when the nurse brought her around, I was shocked. I’m pretty sure I gasped. Everyone seems to think she looks like me. Either way, I love her so much and still seem to be in a bit of shock that she’s ours. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered post pregnancy:

* I cannot stomach coffee the way I used to… and now seem to be a tea drinker

* My voice is significantly lower (which is probably a good thing ha)

* I thought I “wasn’t sleeping” at all during my third trimester.  HA… think again

* I didn’t know I could love or worry about anything so much

* Changing diapers is not bad at all. I’m so eager to help her

* I’m pretty sure Taylor will have a great sense of humor as she has already mastered side eye at the ripe age of three weeks

* Being someone’s main food source is NO JOKE

* Parenthood emphasizes the need for complete dependency on God (I am certainly not in control)

We are so thankful for you little lady and pray daily that we are good parents. You were worth every day of waiting.

Gifts Fo Yo Momma

May 11th, 2017

Shop: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and if you have a pregnant brain like me, you may be running around last minute.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things that could double as a great gift! I have really been eyeing these Kate Spade mules (which  also come in a delicious camel color). I have one of these Tory Burch candles and besides being a beautiful accessory, they smell like heaven. I know this is an old suggestion, but if you don’t have a Longchamp Tote by now, you need to snag one.  It’s the perfect travel bag and folds up so nicely.

What are you doing on Sunday? Don’t forget to treat ‘yo Momma!



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