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April 7th, 2014

I should have counted how many times people asked if Tim and I “had any fun summer trips planned” this weekend. We are known for traveling as much as humanly possible. One trip we always take is to the gulf beaches of sunny Florida. My parents have  a home near Seaside and it is heaven.  I love landing in this quaint little beach town, spending the week riding bikes, reading and generally celebrating my lazy tendencies. It’s always the most relaxing trip of the summer, and usually comes after a long stint of work travels. Rosemary Beach is the next town over from Seaside, and it’s design is one to be desired.

Rosemary Beach 1

Rosemary Beach 2

Rosemary Beach 3

Rosemary Beach 4

Rosemary Beach 5

Rosemary Beach 6

It’s almost like Europe and America got together to have a summer love child.

If you’ve never been to the gulf beaches, you are missing out my friend.

I’m working on a beach house design now, and this shot is by far by favorite inspiration:

Beach Design Inspiration

If you need a good beach design blog to follow, House of Turquoise is my favorite. I don’t know how she does it, but Erin has breath taking new images every week.  Add her to your bookmarks!

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  1. How nice that your parents have a home there. I have never been but ever since I moved to Dallas I have been quite curious seeing as though that area is where everyone goes to! it is quite popular here. Beautiful photos!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful town! I love all the architectural elements and attention to detail. Too bad it is so far north in florida, my parents live outside of Palm Beach. But maybe we will have to plan a long weekend trip up there one day!

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