Talented Friends: Lauren Svenstrup

July 24th, 2013

I have some very talented friends.  There were three girls that I worked with in Dallas for four years that became really close friends.  We have all since gone separate ways, all very successful. I have learned from all three and am lucky to be their friends.

The first is Lauren. I met Lauren my first year as a lowly design assistant. She was the summer intern. I remember telling her I liked her shoes.  I should side note to say I don’t remember getting to know any of them.  They were just instant friends.  Maybe because we were working 50 hour weeks…

Lauren is now a Chicago resident, HGTV star, and Design Director at Anthony Michael Interior Design.  I mean, no big deal.

I have always admired Lauren’s bold use of color and willingness to take major risks.  Her designs are very unique. Her apartment is no exception.  She is about to renovate her entire home (welcome to every interior designer’s life.  You finish and are already thinking about redoing it). For now, here’s the current state of being.

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I asked her to share some thoughts on her design.  Here’s what Lauren has to say:

First, I love the layout of my living room. So many people make the mistake of pushing all of their furniture against the walls. I have a fairly large living room and by floating my sofa in the middle and putting my desk behind it I have basically created two functional spaces. It is the perfect layout for me. I can work at my desk while watching TV or it is a great place to even eat dinner sometimes.

In a lot of my pictures you will see that I have radiator heat, which can be an eye sore and takes up valuable floor space. For my bay window I found adjustable painters scaffolding that fits perfectly over my radiator. For day to day I use it as a console, but when I have a lot of people over it provides additional seating…

Speaking of additional seating… one of my favorite vintage finds was a set of stackable ottomans. 99% of the time they sit stacked as a side table, but when I have people over it is nice to have to additional seating… they are surprisingly comfortable too.

So, as a designer you tend to accumulate “stuff” for one reason or another. I have acquired a lot of stuff over the years, some of it goes together, some of it really does not. My bedroom for instance has not been designed at all… the only thing I intentionally purchased was the big accent pillow on my bed and it somehow ties all of the ridiculous colors together

Bedskirt is king sized and orange… I pinned it to fit a full sized bed.
Duvet was vetoed from a model home by a client
Rug was bought at a charity auction by my boss, then he “donated” it to me. The rugs were designed by interior design students… Supposedly the design of my rug is supposed to represent people “hugging trees”
Lamps- bought from the FDG warehouse sale
Blue drapery- removed from a model home
Art above my bed was found for $20 at a garage sale in Dallas

When I moved in the idea of painting was overwhelming… so I decided to give the most impact with the least effort… I painted to stripes in the foyer and I painted to barn door  to the kitchen an acid green.

Before I moved in they gutted my kitchen, I asked them not to install the overhead cabinets so that they wouldn’t block the window. Instead I installed some IKEA shelves for glassware. I am on the top floor and I get a lot of natural light. I didn’t want to cover my window, and luckily no one walks past my window. Instead of draperies I decided to hang my pots and pans over the window. It provides for a little bit of privacy and easy access to the pots and pans for all of the cooking that I don’t do!

There you have it! Well done, Lauren and thanks for sharing!

*All imagery via Lauren

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