When Your Favorite Pal Moves To Brooklyn

July 10th, 2013

DBK readers, meet Lauren.


Lauren is currently getting her PHD at Columbia in New York.  I mean, no big deal.

She lives in Brooklyn, and 5 minutes after she moved I took advantage and went to visit. Doesn’t her street look like something straight out of the Cosby Show?

Her cute studio is in need of some serious accessories.

IMG_2013 (2)

The gray and red scheme she has going is a GREAT start.  I love it, just needs a few finishing touches.  If I had someone’s AMEX, here’s what I would throw in:

Lauren Blue

The artwork over the bed is a travel themed gallery wall, highlighting all the places she’s lived as of recent (maybe we left out Arkansas.  It’s okay).  She’s been eyeing the metal Global Views animals for some time, so those had to make an appearance.  The bookshelf was a requirement, as Columbia is currently trying to take over her studio.  All the punches of color are my thoughts.

Here’s another stab, focusing on her red accents.


What do you think? Red or Blue?

Katy Signature-01

4 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    I like both! As long as they come with the designer for the install

  2. Katy – you’re cracking me up! Your friend is beyond cool and clearly very smart which means we should be friends. Haha! I really love the grey and red theme! Super chic!

  3. Jenna says:

    I like the red best I think! Her street is awesome too!

  4. Susan Wallis says:

    I vote for the blue! Lauren might be frightened at the deep red. She is more of a “safe” personality.

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