You Might Need A Designer…

March 17th, 2016

The #1 question people ask me is if I judge someone’s home when they have me over. The honest answer is no.  I’m doing design work for a majority of the week, so in my free time I turn it off.  But if you’re wondering if it’s time for some design help, here’s a few thoughts.


You still own a futon

You have popcorn ceilings

Your favorite home furnishings store is Ashley Furniture

Your bed is a mattress on the floor

Your favorite color is beige

You assume great style is only achieved with expensive pieces

You think tacked posters count as artwork

You have more than five paint colors in your home

You have a padded or wooden toilet seat

Your draperies don’t touch the floor

You own anything that should be in a nail salon

You have carpet in your bathroom

You own a wavy mirror

There is a fluorescent light box in your kitchen

You have melamine cabinets

Your sink bowl is shaped like a sea shell

You have medium wood toned trim

You have tab topped curtains

There is forest green carpet in your home

Your nicest light fixture is a ceiling fan with a light kit

You love some fake ivy

You still have a piece of furniture from college

You have 500 things shoved above your kitchen cabinets

One of your main interior finishes is in the laminate family (counter-tops, floors, etc)

You think everything should “match”

You have vertical blinds

You have no blinds

A folding table or chair serves as a permanent furnishing

How’d you do?

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  1. Lindsey says:

    HA! Welllll…..I probably have like 8 or 9 errors. AT LEAST it’s not by choice. What about Forest Green carpet IN your bathroom? Can two wrongs make a right?

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